#4- Do you wanna go to Greece with us?



I’m gonna pause and take a little break from the regularly scheduled program for a sec. Lately I’ve been chatting about some things that are kinda been big and a little stressful to execute. Today I’m delighted to share something that’s BIG, but so not stressful. Actually a total dream come true in fact. Today I am officially launching our Greece Photo Shoot packages!

Wow did I really just get to type that? Pinch me.

When I say it’s a dream, my gosh do I mean it. Greece is everything I love when it comes to travel. It’s by the sea, it has some towns where we can dine and chat with locals. It has picturesque beaches that we can walk and along and feel revived. I imagine it has the perfect spots to sit quietly and journal. And it has vistas for days that we can shoot with.

greece photo shoot photographerThis is an invitation to four ladies (actually 2 now, the other two spots have already been snatched up!) who want to join us in Mykonos and have us photograph you. If you would like, we invite you to stay at the same boutique hotel as us (to be disclosed soon) and together we can have fun as a group. Or if you want to getaway and do your own thing, maybe bring your favorite person with you and then just rendevous with us on the day of your shoot, that’s totally fine too. It’s your adventure. You get to do as you wish.

paris marissa kimberleeIf you have followed us in the past you maybe know that we have done Paris photo shoots or workshops almost every year since 2009. When we would visit Paris, I would make it a point to always stay 2-3 weeks. We would rent an apartment, go to the street markets, get a cafe au lait at our favorite local places. We would sit for hours under the Eiffel and it became so routine I no longer felt like a tourist. It started to feel totally normal to have a long baguette hanging out of my purse. These are the travel experiences I dreamed I would have as a child. To really soak in a place. And truthfully these international shoots make adult Marissa feel like a total kid again. Wandering around in gorgeous destinations, photographing a client in an outfit to die for as the wind whips her hair and the sun hits her back. It all sounds so dramatic doesn’t it? Well it always is. My heart pounds at these destination shoots.

And now that Paris is officially a part of me, I’m ready for a new photo shoot adventure. Kimberlee and I have always said to each other Dare to Dream. In some of my last posts I confessed that I had stopped doing that. Without realizing it I had shut down my imagination. Well no longer! Time to rise up to the call of all the beauty this world has to offer again. I would love for you to join me.

To promote the trip to Greece, my forever travel and adventure buddy Tenley Molzahn and I did a little shoot here in San Diego to get inspired. She will be joining us on the trip, so it felt very fitting to ask her if she wanted to get the dream going! And that gorgeous Grecian inspired dress by Salt and Arrow with be joining us as well. As will many other awesome pieces.

We would love for you to visit this page where you will see more details about the trip and photo shoot.

Dare to Dream,

Note: Top images used with permission from istock.com. Paris images by lesecretdaudrey.com


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  • Kelly Hubbard says:

    I LOVE Greece! I had so much fun on the islands and was lucky enough to make an unscheduled stop in Mykonos! Have a great time, ladies! can’t wait to see the pictures!

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