13- My love for video

Ten years ago Kimberlee and I made our first video. It was her idea and I gladly jumped on board. This was before DSLRs had readily available video options, and she shot it handheld on a point and shoot. Looking back it’s the crappiest quality, but when we placed it on youtube (on a random account that I had because we hadn’t started our official one yet) it got a lot of attention. It got over 100,000 hits. Back in 2008 that was a lot!

This video was the start of it all for us. From then on we made sure to do more and more video. Upping our game quite a bit through the years. Have a bit of a laugh with us and check this out….


It’s because of the videos we have done, the more professional ones and even the ones on the fly, that we believe our boudoir studio was so sought after.  And now as a production company I am stoked to be offering this service on the regular. It will mean so much to watch what we create together take you to that next level. Whether you are promoting your personal brand, are an artist and you want a behind the scenes to tell your story, or you have a product to sell, video is a great way to do just that. I believe one of the best branding and marketing investments.

And I love shooting it.

Here is a recent promo video we did for Salt and Arrow. Styling and hmu by Southwestern Styling.

This website has been a bit of a work in progress and I hope to see it evolve more and more. As for now here is our latest addition to the site! And as a celebration we are offering 35% off to the 2 first people to book one of our new brand collaboration packages. The shoot would have to be set up for June or July 2017.

Thanks for stopping by to visit. About to hop on a plane to Austin for South by Southwest to see Angie play!! Please email me at marissa@theboudoridivas.com if you want to get in on this action! I’m super stoked about it.


PS. I should mention that we opened up one more Mykonos photo shoot spot for July 5, 2017. And we can officially say that the group photo shoot excursion on Sunday will be a private catamaran to remote beaches and coves on the island! A photographers dream ladies!!! Call us- 858-485-0443.

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