# 8- The NEW Boudoir Divas Look

I’m really excited to show you the new vibes our studio is going for. Our biggest thing has always been boudoir, and even with these changes it will remain boudoir. But we are changing up the look and feel and experience entirely.

Living in hippie surfer town USA, aka Leucadia, has changed me I think. I’ve always loved the ocean. My dad was a surfer, and he and Mom named me Marissa, translates to “of the sea” in Latin. So, odd as it may seem, our new vibe is going to completely inspired by the Leucadia lifestyle, which I’m sure I’ll chat your ear off about in the future.

So today I have launched the bare bones page for The NEW Boudoir Divas here. If you know anything about us you know that we are obsessed with making an intricate website experience. Like our current boudoir studio site.  So this is the shell, and once we start shooting you will see the site grow and grow.

I also wanted to share some inspiration for our new vibe via the lovely pinterest that we all are rightfully addicted to. For instance the other day I was at my friends house watching football, my friend Chris was in his man recliner, a pretty big and threatening looking dude, caveman beard and all. He was on his ipad. I asked him what he was up to. His answer… “pinning” without looking up. It the perfect way to share and organize what you already see in your minds eye.

Check out our mood and art direction board pinterest….


So the vibe, the feel, the style will be different, and so will the experience! At our current space we love the way things work. But being high volume means a few clients a day, a little more rushed than we want in a sense. See we love our current experience so much that we want to stretch out the experience even more to include:

-pre-consultations and styling sessions

-lifestyle in studio and beach shooting

-gorgeous Italian Designer books

-behind the scenes cinema shorts

What we know is the same about our new studio and soon to be old one is the heart and the motivation behind what we do. We want to celebrate with our clients, imagine and create gorgeous images of them. We are so blessed with our job as boudoir photographers.

We are officially launching in June. In order to kick off this new departure for us, we are going to be doing a soft launch starting in mid May at 30% off the rates on this new boudoir page. Here are the soft launch dates. 

Thursday May 18, 2017
Friday May 19, 2017
Saturday 20, 2017
Thursday 25, 2017
Friday May 26, 2017
Thursday June 2, 2017
Saturday June 3, 2017

Next openings at 20% OFF
Thurs June 8, 2017
Friday June 9, 2017
Sat June 10, 2017
Weds June 14, 2017
Thurs Jun 15, 2017
Fri Jun 16, 2017
Thurs June 29, 2017
Fri Jun 30, 2017

We would be thrilled if you called our studio to grab a spot. 858-485-0443.


PS. Oh and in other cool news, our Greece packages booked up in 2 days!! So we opened one more slot, if you want it please call the studio asap for that as well!!! Such cool things going on!
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