For years I have been gearing up for this moment, the launch of this site to say, “hello world, we make music videos!”
Take a look below at all the music videos we have done in the past, here in San Diego, Los Angeles and even Europe. If you have a special project in mind please email us, we’d love to chat with you about it.
– Marissa

Born To Drive. Music and Lyrics by Angie Keilhauer

music video los angeles


$ 2850


Simple, raw and gorgeous footage.
– 1 day of shooting, typically 4 hours
– Nothing fancy lighting wise, just wonderful natural light
– 1 hair and make-up look
– One location with variations in San Diego (travel available)
– Draft video and 2 follow up edits
– 1 month turnaround (can be bumped up if needed for a fee)
See as an example


$ 7850

plus tax


-Concept meeting
-Pre production meeting
-3 days of shooting
-2 camera operators
-Hair and make-up on set
-Background characters (your expense)
-3 locations with lighting
-First in person draft and 3 edits
-All travel, prop or production expenses not included
(may not be necessary)
Example :

Am I Crazy. Music and Lyrics by Angie Keilhauer

In May of 2016 we filmed this video in Paris, France. That was my 7th time spending Spring in Paris, and at this point I have a good idea of what all my favorite shooting locations are. Angie and I hit them up all up within two days, stopping and taking in all the great scenery around us. It was the rainiest Spring Paris had seen in 100 years, but even so we were able to get scenes that showcase everything I love about Paris; it’s way to draw out the bohemian artist in us all. My favorite memory of this shoot was after leaving a club where she played, we were walking back to our flat in Le Marais where we always stay. I think it was around 2am, we were walking over a bridge over the Seine River, Notre Dame in the background, and even though she was exhausted at this point I asked her run through the song a few times on the bank of the river. It was so serene that night, the lights of the city were bouncing off the glassy water. It was one of those “pinch me” I can’t believe this is my job moments.



Heaven. Music & Lyrics by Angie Keilhauer.

I love simple and raw videos. Nothing over done or over produced. This was the first music video I made and I think it captures everything I love about a music video. I love that this song is personal, and the video feels personal, it’s all about the artist and her thoughts.

Shot at my studio in San Diego, Ca. And I look forward to filming many, many more music videos for up and coming artists. Happy to travel anywhere to do it! In fact, you may want to check out my Greece trip in July 2017. We have one slot open to film a music video!




Christine Penny in Paris

The Boudoir Divas (Kimberlee and Marissa) and Christine Penny present a behind-the-scenes video of their “Jour a La Nuit” photo shoot, shot in Paris, France.

We believe a strong brand has many moving parts, and one of the biggest way to present your brand, even if your brand is just YOU, is with video. A video that showcases you in your element. Let me know your ideas and we will run wild with them, creating something that will present you to your audience in a colorful and fast paced way.




Dare to Dream Behind the Scenes

This video is a behind the scenes of a shoot that we titled “Dare to Dream.” We, Kimberlee and I, had just started to realize that the sky was the limit on implementing our creative ideas. We put this shoot together, brought a bed out into the ocean, and had an incredible time photographing and videoing during this epic San Diego, sunset.



Josie. Philippines mother of 36.

I met Josie during a volunteer trip to the Philippines with Kusewera. I was immediately floored that this 26 year old American girl was the mother to 36 adopted girls in the Philippines. I had to do a story on her through my love for video. I would be honored if you watched, and if you would like to contribute or learn more, click here.




More about our music video production company…

Marissa Boucher, Marissa Inc and The Boudoir Divas absolutely love music. And over the years have been honing their skills to be able to launch this division of the new brand. Marissa Inc create gorgeous music videos for any type of musician at an exceptionally reasonable price. We create music videos in San Diego and Los Angeles, but are also willing to travel to make music videos in New York City, Nashville or Austin.

Please shoot us an email if you would like to chat about pricing or a concept for you music video ideas. For more about a promo video visit this page.

Warmest wishes,

Marissa Boucher | 858-485-0443