Making some moves

By December 20, 2016Uncategorized

“It’s okay to be scared. Being scared means you are about to do something far beyond what you imagined.” – Me. Tryin’ to pump myself up.

So glad you came by. Things are gonna get real- real soon.

So I can’t really call this my “first” blog post. Because this is just a head’s up that soon, in mid January-ish. I will be making the first official blog post of 30 consecutive days of blogging. I would be honored if you joined me on this journey, as it’s a a scary and personal one. Not totally sure the exact day this will begin, so if you would like to be notified please join my list below. Spamming ain’t my thing, so don’t worry about that. I’m gonna get real on here so I would be honored if you joined this journey with me.

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