#23-Do you believe in your art?

la jolla

I pulled off the 101 on my way home from the studio the other day to soak up this incredible view. It got me thinking about how much a scene like this feeds my soul and my imagination. And how pursuing the things of my imagination has gotten me this far. I trust it, and I trust what I create from it.

With everything going on I’ve caught me second guessing myself on some different things. Things from business decisions to the pricey decor and equipment I’m buying for the new chapter. Today I stopped to be grateful for the fact that at least I’m not second-guessing my art. I don’t second-guess my imagination or the beautiful images that I make, and I trust the process in which I make them. It’s a very powerful feeling. And it leads me to ask….

Do you believe in your art?

Now I know not everybody is going to love my work. And that’s totally OK. But what I do know is that when I create the imagery I want, I will attract somebody who’s like me; wild spirited, wanting to find a space where they feel free and alive, and hungry to create and play with the ideas they have in their mind and heart. Somebody who doesn’t look at something and see the technicalities of it, but more sees it for the emotion that it stirs.

As we’re finalizing the last details of closing the current big studio and opening our new space (3 weeks left!) I’m getting more and more eager to create this new kind of imagery here in my personal space. With that said, I’m also very excited about the shoots I’m doing every day at the studio. I know that it’s going to be my last opportunity for a while to set up a scene like the one below, something super flashy and with vibrant, over the top glamour. The NEW Boudoir Divas will have an entirely different look that we have been slowly cooking up the past few years, and like I said I’m counting down the days until my very first Boudoir Loft or By The Sea Collection, but I’m also in one of the most nostalgic moods I’ve ever found myself in. This huge world of all things over the top boudoir will be dismantled soon, so I am cherishing every moment while I’m photographing a client there. We’ve even extended a couple weeks in that space, so us gals can do a few more shoots there. It just felt right as the end of those powerful lights, and flashy glamour was coming a little fast for us.

But change has been whispering in my ear for quite some time. And I do so with a glad heart because I really do believe in myself. And I believe in what I create, and I believe in the relationships that are created through our photo shoot experiences. And I know what we do is meaningful and timeless.

What areas in your life do you believe in yourself the most?

Are you feeding and nurturing those areas? Or are you starving them? What is your art?

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  • Heather Shanahan says:

    A simple question with a complicated answer. I don’t always believe IN myself and regularly doubt myself. But at the same time think I am more confident than most. I have the usual problems, “I’m not good/smart/strong enough”. We all have those thoughts. My confidence comes with my decisions. Once I make a decision or come up with a plan, I’m behind it 100% and don’t worry or second guess whether it was the RIGHT decision. It’s been made so full steam ahead.

    I can’t speak so much for art, but I believe in my work. For work work, I do quite a bit of data entry and analysis. I’ve discovered that I’m above average in speed accuracy because I’m trust my logic and am confident in my keystrokes and things. Watching other people do similar work, they are slow because they don’t trust what they are typing or the fields they are typing into and therefore don’t trust themselves. Interesting topic Marissa

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