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26- Our first official music video….

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Wow have these months been something else. Wake up, get on laptop, plug away, shoot, process, Sorrento Valley studio stuff, back on laptop, bed, a quick unhealthy meal I typically regret, then repeat. Not too much a of personal life these days. But it’s just for a season. I know I’ve mentioned this before, so I’ll just get to the point!!  I’m sounding like a broken record.

All these focused days make it so dang worth it when it’s show and tell day on the blog!! So I clearly haven’t been blogging as much as I thought I would. But it’s only because what I have been doing is making things! Things that make my heart oh so happy like this music video.

I know I chatted about all the help we got to make this video. But my gosh am I still blown away by all that came together to make this happen. I made en extensive list of thanks in the last post, read it here.

And then there’s Angie. This video is all about her, so I’m compelled to use that excuse to write about her. I’m inspired daily by her talent and abilities. If you don’t follow me on the FB you probably haven’t seen my overposting of her voice on the new fireworks song, Happily Ever After, for Disney’s Magic Kingdom. AND, I’m kinda dying that they are treating me to go see her perform there next week. A couple years ago when I took Angie to Disneyland to try to get her to try to understand my obsession with all things Walt, I jokingly (but really I was serious) told her I would feel like my life was complete when Disney invited and paid for me to be a VIP at Disney. Thanks to Ang it’s totally happening. It seems like the perfect way to celebrate a new chapter. So many things are happening and I am beyond grateful! Check out that goodness here…

So with that said, if you know of a musician that may be interested in having a music video done in the semi near future, I’d be honored if you shared this site with them. I’m excited to sit down with artists and start to chat about their vision and come up with a custom package for them.

Dare to dream!