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29-Getting into our groove here in the boudoir loft

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Things have been busy! I still haven’t hit my goal of 30 posts! Sheesh! I knew it would be a doozie to reach it, I guess I just didn’t realize how many curveballs life would throw in during this change. Nothing we can’t get through luckily. For example, one thing I certainly didn’t expect was to have to demo all the gorgeous walls we built in the old studio. When our landlord gave us total permission to beautify the space, I never imagined that meant it also had to come down. Just crazy. Lesson learned!

But even though we have been busy editing Greece (cannot wait to post those, coming soon), and shooting away here in the boudoir loft, I wanted to take a moment to meet a recent client’s request. She flew in for a shoot with us allllll the way from Maryland and stayed at the adorable Surfhouse down the street. We had such a blast at her BY THE SEA shoot, and I am hoping she’ll let me share some pics with you!!! Any way she mentioned that she had hoped we would show more of our shots here in the loft so she could have a better idea of what to expect. And she is so right! So we quickly shot an email to a few clients we thought may be open to letting us showcase them, and so now first up we have Miss E! She came with props for her boudoir shoot including books, jackets, and color bombs for the bath. Too cute huh!?

boudoir san diegoboudoir san diegoboudoir san diego

boudoir san diegoboudoir san diegoboudoir san diego

Getting in the ocean for our BY THE SEA shoot isn’t for the faint of heart. Some of our clients only want to put their toes in. Others don’t mind getting completely pummeled by the waves to “THE SHOT.” And we always make sure it’s worth it! Luckily it’s pretty dang warm here right now. But the “golden hour” doesn’t actually last more than 30 minutes really. So come winter we might still ask our clients if they will get in with us. What’s a little shivering for 30 minutes when you get shots like this right?! ♥

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The New Boudoir Divas is a re-launch of The Boudoir Divas studio in San Diego. We’ve changed our vibe and moved to Encinitas, Ca (a city of San Diego). We are honored to say that we have boudoir clients travel from all over to have a shoot with us at our new loft space. We do our best to make you feel comfortable and have a total blast during your shoot. If you are interested in a shoot please email us at or call or text us at 858-485-0443. Or fill out the contact form below.

The NEW Boudoir Divas

25-A glimpse at what your By The Sea photo shoot might look like…

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I had been dreaming of this day for quite a while now. My first official By The Sea session. Yes I have photographed at the beach quite a bit. But I was saving one of my best visions for the beach for a day such as this. The idea that I might be able to walk down to my beloved ocean a couple times a week,  put my feet in the warm water while photographing a new friend, and call it “work,” just blows me away.

I’d be honored if you took a peek at the behind-the-scenes video shot by our newest video assistant, Miss Lindsey Estes. It was her first time getting all the footage herself and I think she did just awesome!! Our clients will be able to add a 3 min behind the scenes video to any session if they like for $850. It’s probably  THE most exciting way to show your images off on social media!

(Song in the video gifted to us by Triple Scoop Music, artist Rachel Pearl, Tidal Waves). Thank you to Tenley, one of my best friends and best models

You guys have no idea how much my heart was soaring doing this shoot! I love my job. Thank you to all those who continue to cheer us on!

This portrait session was done in Leucadia, California! A neighborhood of Encinitas. We are pinching ourselves that our new photography headquarters is just a block away from this awesome beach. We still have some sessions available at the discounted soft launch rate! Grab your spot by calling us!!

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