#4- We are becoming a Production Company


We are becoming a Production Company. Where imagination and freedom will reign. It will serve as an umbrella brand, allowing for all different types of projects that set our hearts on fire.

A production company or a production house provides the physical basis for works in the realms of the performing arts, new media art, film, television, radio, and video.This website and blogs header had already given that way. But the site is basic right now, and we are looking forward to the many projects we have planned to start filling it up with all the imagery that we are currently storing in mind’s eye that will make up the portfolio of our Production company.

We wanted a brand that could serve as an umbrella to all our art. And one that also allows us to continue as we always have with a killer “The Boudoir Divas” experience.

Please don’t get me wrong. I love the current studio. When I am photographing clients I feel like everything in me is in alignment. Just like every woman that hopes to minimize the critical voices in their head, and bring forward the positive ones. I thrive on being able to bring forth a woman’s courage to silence those harmful insecurities and bring her into a moment of acceptance and self love. I get to be a key part of that for women. And I have a blast doing it. Those moments are what I live for.

But I have been a fast-paced, high volume business owner with a fairly large staff for eleven years. I’m only 34! That puts a lot of financial stress on one person. And for years now there has been one and only one solution with all the raising prices in California. It’s time to majorly increase our prices. But I fought it and fought it. I wanted every woman to have access to this incredible opportunity.  It’s most of the reason we chose the high volume approach. It created a do-able pricing for the majority.

But reality check. California is expensive. And as a biz owner,  like whoa expensive. Especially with more mandatory changes in 2016 from the federal government that increased expenses making raising prices no longer an option.

In September, my vision came, then I started to execute it. As I began to plan I also discovered our landlord would not be renewing our lease for our current studio. We had to move on whether we wanted to or not.

I will forever miss the big ol’ studio we’ve been in since 2007. Having 1-3 clients into the studio every day. But what’s ahead warms my heart so much.

Here’s a throwback video to one of our really old studio tours circa 2011

One of my upcoming posts will talk about what our new boudoir division will be like. What our looks and inspiration will be. And what their experience will be like. It’s so different and so thrilling. With the core of why we are doing it always remaining the same; we want women to see themselves in new light, to see their beauty and put to rest insecurities.


Also, I launched my new Facebook Page today! I would be honored if you went and liked it pretty please.

And my current site is still a work in progress. So much to do! While still shooting almost everyday, managing the studio and planning for this new huge brand change, things are very busy! I have tons of amazing teammates in this, I’ll talk about that in future posts, but it’s definitely the most overwhelmed I’ve ever been that’s for sure. 

Thanks for joining me on this wild ride!


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