“Come adventure with us” is what the Greece launch said…

About 8 months ago I started our new website, which really meant starting our new business officially. One of the biggest factors in finally launching this new chapter was that I wanted our next destination photo shoot adventure to be on our new blog and site, because according to my plan, that would be around the time that all would be officially changed over and different. As with everything it started as an idea. But this Greece idea didn’t seem far fetched or even that grandiose. What was cool is that it just felt like “what we do.” We go to beautiful places, put out an open invite, and people join us and let us take their photo. How cool is that?

We arrived in Greece last night (instagram story available @marissa.boucher if you want to see exhausted us traveling grumpy, sans make-up coupled with delirium). Our first stop was Santorini. 48 hours here before we hit Mykonos. It’s Sunday, and on Wednesday we will have our welcome dinner for the six Adventuresses that we will be photographing on picturesque locations and on a catamaran.

I couldn’t sleep so I decided to get up at dawn and sit outside. The silence was wild. I mean not a peep. Not a bird, a boat, a plane, a human. All things were dormant except for everything running in my mind. For this girl who seems to always be spending a few weeks here and there in another country, it has actually been a full two years since big trip like this for me. And for the first time in a long, long time, being a foreigner actually felt kinda foreign. Having days off, real days off felt the same as well.

I slept well the first few hours last night, then I lay awake for more hours, feeling odd. Restless. But with no real distraction to distract me. Nothing to hang on to and sift through my mind till I found a solution. Nothing needed a solution any more. I think it was time to just be. To do what I was here to do; have fun and make incredible pictures. It felt odd. In a way that you would perhaps feel odd if you time hopped and were all the sudden in another time and space. I’m kinda just quiet and in awe. Sorta waiting for old adventure Marissa with all the gusto to show up. She’ll be here soon I think. As soon as jet lag decides to leave.

There are still  plenty of stressors to deal with. Like the new information that I am to demo the $28,000 build out we did to our old studio before I can finally close those doors officially. How do you even do that when you are on the other side of the world? Amongst some other things. But that’s not really what’s on my mind at all right now. What’s on my mind is that I just came from the busiest months of my life, and now I’m thrust into serenity in Greece. A magnificent beauty that is all around me and I need to chill out pronto and get my head in the game of absorbing all of it before it’s too late.

I wish you could feel the air. It’s thick and warm but not humid. The sky is pink and blue in the perfect gradient. And the smell, it’s like musky Earth and clay meet sea. It wafts through our deck every few minutes and instead of enjoying it, I’m almost surprised it smells good. Clean, beautiful and yummy smelling? In traveling all those things rarely happen simultaneously.

I am grateful to be here. And I am very much looking forward to creating some seriously gorgeous images for my clients. Time to settle into and celebrate the new, I can already tell it’s going to be beyond my wildest dreams. And I can barely sleep because of this new and wonderfully odd feeling.

To all you in the states, good night. It’s going to be an incredible morning.


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  • Heather Shanahan says:

    Anyone else posting these pictures and I would argue that they are fake. Paintings of a false reality. So it’s even more amazing coming from you knowing that you are legitimately sharing the wonders of Greece with us. Thank you.

    This trip and timing is exactly what you need. Think of it as a nice reward for getting through all the stress and crazy. Find your zen and hold on to it. Bring it back to CA and it will help you function with a renewed clarity. Can’t wait to see all the pictures!

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