#2- 30 consecutive-ish days of blog posts

marissa boucher


This better be the best thing I’ve ever done. ‘Cuz I am moving slower than molasses. For someone who is incredibly impulsive this feels very slow. For instance I actually wrote this post a long time ago, and now I’m posting it months later. It’s all kinda gone this way. 

They say that the things that take the longest and encounter the most resistance are typically our best endeavors. So I’m trying to see the positive in how pulling all of this out of me, thinking and overthinking before saying green for go at each baby business decision, might actually be a good thing in disguise.

I typically move fast. The vision I have always used to come naturally, and executing it was comparable to a runner’s high in a way. It was hard work, but also easy for me.

But this isn’t the case for this whole big project. Maybe because it is such a departure from something comfortable and safe?

Maybe because it’s a bit of secret and I can’t bounce the idea off all kinds of people yet and get that immediate energetic feedback. Why haven’t I even told you yet what I’m thinking!? If you’re getting excited that maybe this will be the coolest and craziest idea once you hear it- that I’m adding to the anticipation, well you may be disappointed. I’m merely taking my time, laying this out for you. Maybe more for me.

Maybe because I’m scared that the team at the studio won’t love it once I let them know the plan in my yet to be drafted detailed presentation. The plan is so wild and new for all of us. And as Ashley said yesterday (yesterday as in a couple months ago’s yesterday) when I tried to tell her a faster way to label to her Lightroom choices, “I hate change.” Oh boy, I thought. We all do. We all hate change. How is this going to work. We are just getting rolling. What if they don’t get on board? What if this new idea that will hopefully open us up to create magic and freedom in our lives, doesn’t work out as perfectly for all of us? 

This RISE to something so new has gotten me nervous. Mainly because it’s not just about me. I have many people I care deeply about and my choices impact their success as well. I can see how this will elevate us, but it’s still a risk. Plus my goal was to bring the Supermodel Experience® to every woman that wanted it, and at an affordable price, can I let go of that? I have always been so proud of that.

I love being nervous about the possibilities of the future, and I am feeling so good about this. But just to be safe I have given myself a buffer.

I am writing all the posts and scheduling them a month or two-ish before they actually post. If it feels like I am dragging this thing out, well I am. But I don’t care about what you think remember, refer to post one. I am being true to myself here.

That way if I panic I can pull the cord long before I hit the ground.

Scheduling these all so far in the future seemed weird to do at first, but it eased my nerves. And then I realized it’s a bit like watching a reality tv show. Like as an example of one of my silly brand inspirations; we are watching Rachel Zoe on our screen in the moment, but we know she’s already done all these fashion-y, Paris-y things. And we will hear about the things she doing in this present moment in the future. So thinking about Rachel Zoe, makes me feel more sane for giving you things I wrote quite a bit in the past.

From here on out, you will get 29-something more consecutive-ish posts, skipping Sat and Sun. I hope some will be about the spectacular things that have opened up and how God is confirming to me that I am indeed on the right path. I fear that an equal amount of it will be about how hard this is to just churn out; you know, crazy obstacles, long hours, the usual make the dream happen kinda things.

Being raw and talking to cyber air isn’t easy. So if a you are a person reading this, and not a google spyder will you say hey below please? Then I’ll imagine I’m just talking to you.

I’ve also found out we’ve lost our lease on our current amazing and customized space. Our building is being sold by our landlord, our little home we had made from us will no longer be ours and renewing the lease isn’t an option. Feels unfair since I designed this space and had it built just for us in 2014, we’ve been here since 2008. It’s our home. And this is forcing change, really big change. And after stomping my feet and minor tantrums I put on my big girl panties and worked for days and days on what options we had.  The Boudoir Divas studio is actually closing on April 30th, 2017 and opening as a new entity in June. So in November 2016 we started contacting anyone with a retainer and telling them they need to get in by April 30th.

The calendar is packed till April 30th, and we are no longer accepting new bookings unless it’s from someone who has paid a deposit in the past. We are focused and busy right now. And I am incredibly grateful to Lindsey, Ashley, Megan and Pegs who are on board and killing it right now.

See you tomorrow 🙂

And PS. Let’s be honest I still really do care about what you think, mainly ‘cuz I care about you.



  • Liberty says:

    In 2014 I hit a fog too, going through something similar ( not a divorce but the biggest rip in my marriage thread we had ever experienced) and it has left me feeling so much the same as you expressed. Like I know the old me is there ready to rise, but I just haven’t stood up yet. I look forward to reading about all your new adventures!! Love you and your raw heart!!

  • Jenn says:

    Hey 💓

  • Baylee Bolton says:

    Hi!! I’m reading these as I sip my tea in the morning. It feels like we are chatting and catching up. Keep these coming, I love it! I am so excited for you!

  • boudoirdivasadmin says:

    Love that you are reading this, but not good enough. We need to actually hang out again! I need to come to you guys this time.

  • boudoirdivasadmin says:

    Hey friend. Just emailed you back. Thanks for reading this 😉

  • Dayla says:

    Ok so I’m a little behind but I’m going to binge read these now! So so so excited for you!

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