19- Official launch of RISE sessions



Today marks a pretty significant day for me. I have been thinking about creating and launching an experience like this for years now. And today is the official day!!!!

See I know how influential a photo shoot can be for a person, so I really wanted to take it to that next level. Make something that takes beauty as only the starting factor for our art,  but then hard wires the piece with so much more significance. Making it more about the truth and depth that’s in someone’s heart and mind. So much so that the subject looks at the art piece and has a deep association and connection to the person she channeled in that shoot (her truest self).

An artsy, striking framed and matted print on the wall acting as a daily reminder that she’s ___________. Fill in the blank.

Who are you in your fiercest, strongest, proudest moments?

I’ve ran through what I want this to be over and over in my mind. Then I tested it a bit. And now I’m here. Putting my new, and kinda odd, and, I assure you wonderful, idea out to all of you. To all of you who no doubt have been a part of some sort of photography experience in the past with me before, I think this will be the best I can give you guys yet.

If the description seems a little bit vague, well it’s because it is. How do you really lay out an experience like this on a web page? I just invite you to try it. If you have done something with me in the past and felt a little more alive, a little pushed past your comfort zone, and you liked it, then I think you will really enjoy this new journey with us.

Visit our page to learn a bit more and snatch up one of the new release dates in July.

Official Launch Dates for our RISE Sessions
* Keep in mind RISE 2 is only available on Thursdays
Thursday July 13, 2017
Friday July 14, 2017
Saturday July 15, 2017
Thursday July 20th
Friday July 21, 2017
Saturday July 22, 2017
Thursday July 27, 2017
Friday July 28, 2017
Saturday July 29, 2017

Call or email us to book. We anticipate that these packages will go quickly!
sdstudio@theboudoirdivas.com or 858-485-0443

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  • Heather Shanahan says:

    …random thinking out loud…
    We regularly hear “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and so many of us struggle to see the beauty in ourselves. So what does that mean? Do we just not WANT to look at ourselves, or are we not CAPABLE of seeing ourselves? How can we expect others to see how beautiful we are when we don’t see it ourselves? I once heard someone say that you’ll never accept love from someone else until you love yourself. I love that you are helping women see and love themselves.

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