I’ve always referred to myself as adaptive. It was the highest sort of compliment that I liked to give myself. To me it meant that I could go with the flow, or I could make lemonade out of lemons. That I could be in a 3rd world country with just a backpack of my basics and feel comfortable. Or that I did my best to adhere to one of my favorite scriptures Philippians 4:10, “for I have learned to be content regardless of my circumstances.” Full scripture below.

So with all the massive changes that have happened the past few years I am revisiting that compliment I liked to pay myself. How am I really handling this? Especially in regard to that scripture? As I am in the middle of chaos in this transition, I know I need to meditate on those words as much as possible…because all of this truly has been scary.

Among many other things going on right now, closing down the studio to re-open it as basically an entirely different business- terrifying. More in the sense of it’s closing the doors of something totally awesome and successful all to move onto something totally new. But everything in me says it is necessary and the right decision. Once I had a vision for what the future could be there was no question about putting one foot in front of the other, checking off task after task, having hard conversations (especially with myself) and just doing what I had to do.

Even though this new endeavor has been one of the most challenging and time consuming of my life, I have peace with it. I have peace and I am scared. That may seem conflicting but I don’t think so. We are complicated creatures. I definitely understand that peace isn’t a destination I arrive at, set up permanent camp and sit back and relax. Peace is a moving thing and I fight to keep hold of it. It’s about believing wholeheartedly that God is in control and he loves me. The days where I feel it with every breath are amazing and joyful. And not always super common for me. I have to make choices to move myself into God’s peace and that takes effort.

The full scripture…


There’s no point in goals or creating art without hope and peace. Not even on my best days do I come close to completely embodying this scripture above. But on my best days I do remember it and hold it close. And that gives me the peace I need during trying times.

And I wanted to write this post because I know that some of you reading it have something you need to do that is downright terrifying. That will shake up your world and who you are. That will challenge you and push you so hard that you think you might snap at moments.

What vision do you have for yourself that brings you peace, calms your soul, but at the same time makes your heart race?

I dare you to make one big step today. Maybe it’s buying that new piece of equipment to get you started. Or putting a deposit down on that course. Or finalizing a budget and sticking to it. Or saying your dreams and goals out loud to someone you admire. Hiring a health coach. Or getting on your knees and praying. Maybe it’s booking a Rise session with me (to be released soon). The only one who knows what’s in your heart is you.

Make one big step. If I can do it you can too. Rise with me.


  • Heather Shanahan says:

    Read this yesterday and didn’t really have anything to say at the time other than things I’ve already said. Went to church last night, forget what exact reading the scripture was, but the homily resonated with what you said. It was how much Joseph trusted and believed in God and was obedient to Him even when he didn’t know what the outcome would be. The Angels told Joseph his family was in trouble and without any hesitation Joseph dropped everything and fled to Egypt having no idea what awaited for him there. So it had me thinking of you and this and how change is scary because we simply don’t know. If you could look at 2 choices or ways or paths and compare them side by side, changing to the second way wouldn’t be scary because we can see the outcome. All we can do is trust in God, ourselves, that He has prepared us for the journey, and He will be with us through the trials.

    You were looking/asking for people’s vision and maybe something they would change. I obviously didn’t exactly do that. My life has been an ongoing change the last few years with some never ending goals. Not because I can’t “reach” them but because there is no finish line. I want to continue to strive and push myself farther. You keep keep referring to RISE and how that has become your word. I’m starting to think my is something like RESONATE, or BALANCE. I keep hearing harmonic frequency in my head. When things come together and the wave grows louder and stronger until nothing can stop it.

  • boudoirdivasadmin says:

    I love those words Heather! Thank you so much for sharing. I love reading your comments and all the thoughts you have about your own personal journey.

  • Christa says:

    Great post to read today! Hubby and I discovered at the exact same moment that we feel “we are doing life al wrong”. We identified that the one thing working was “us”, but we weren’t focused enough on us. Now we are trying to figure out what doing life right looks like for us. I chose “courage” as my word for the year instead of a list of resolutions at the New Year. Courage to figure it out one big step or small step at a time. And courage to be ok with failings and successes the same. Your post is so full of courage. It’s inspiring to read and it will be exciting to follow your new journey! I have loved following The Boudoir Divas and have no doubt your new venture will be amazing! Namaste!

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