12- I made you a playlist

I mentioned in my first blog post that I kept seeing the word ‘Rise’ everywhere. I started to take serious notice of how powerful this word is, and I’m even creating a new portrait experience based on how much it has moved me. During that time I started to collect the songs that fit the mood I had been feeling. Feeling overly audacious and strong is not something I wanted to go away anytime soon. And nothing brings you back to a feeling like a song can.

So today I wanted to share those uplifting tunes with you! Happy Thursday everyone. Let’s make it a great one!


  • Heather Shanahan says:

    Music is my therapy. I absolutely love creating playlists and editing them to make sure tracks are in the right order and flow from one song to the next. Some people think I’m crazy because I still buy music even though you can stream just about anything for free online. But I like selecting the songs I want to listen to and struggling to decide what to fill my ipod with when I travel and can’t stream on an airplane. And who doesn’t love getting a cassette/cd from someone just to say they’re thinking of you. Be sure to check out Kip Moore’s Faith When I Fall

  • Crystal says:

    Yay, I needed some new tunes! I’ll be listening to these and downloading some for sure. Thanks!

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