Marissa Boucher | Commercial & fashion photographer based out of San Diego / Los Angeles California

Marissa Inc Productions is a commercial and fashion photographer and photography team. My work (or interviews) have been in featured in People Magazine, Grace Ormonde, Entrepreneur, Rangefinder, Professional Photographers of America, Ceremony Magazine, Pacific Magazine, Fine Magazine, and many more.

Myself and my team not only do photo/video for commercial photography, but we freaking love to be a part of the creative process as well. From the overall concept for the photo shoot, to location scouting, to hiring models, to styling the photo shoot and the overall look, we love to do it all. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy to just show up and shoot, but if you want the images to resemble our signature style above?!? Well then we are ready to go all in as well.

We all know that photography, and even more than that, all visuals- cinema included, are key to showcasing a brand and/or product. But I think equally valuable to the pictures is the styling and planning to execute an incredible photo shoot. Everything these days is sold on eye candy. And there is SO MUCH eye candy out there. Yours HAS to stand out to be successful. A well executed campaign is crucial to success. Hire me for visuals like photography and video- absolutely. Yes I am there. But consider talking to us about “producing” your entire campaign.

We have spoke at countless photography conventions, gratefully acclaimed as great at branding and marketing. I have a confidence in trends, what’s on the edge of discovery, and what people like to look at. I would be honored if you invited us to be a part of not only photographing your brand, but chatting about it’s overall vision. Fill out the form below, we’d love to hear more about your ideas for a photo shoot or project.

Commercial and fashion photographer. All rights reserved Marissa Boucher | The Boudoir Divas